Swagger Editor

Swagger Editor lets you edit API specifications in YAML inside your browser and to preview documentations in real time. Valid Swagger JSON descriptions can then be generated and used with the full Swagger tooling (code generation, documentation, etc).

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JSON Formatter

JSON Formatter is an AngularJS directive for rendering JSON objects in HTML with a collapsible navigation.

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Swagger Converter

Swagger Converter converts Swagger documents from version 1.2 to version 2.0

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YAML parser that preserves comments and styling Find it on GitHub or see the live demo

String Direction

A utility for getting direction of a string in JavaScript. String direction can be left-to-right, right-to-left or bi-directional.

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JSON Schema View

JSON Schema is very verbose and hard to read in JSON. This directive helps rendering a JSON Schema in a user readable format.

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put.io for iOS

An Open Source iOS client for put.io written in Swift

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Any Bin

A boilerplate bin website for saving text in a database and access it with a short URL. Very similar to PasteBin or JSBin. This is mostly back-end implementation of the website. Front-end is very simple.

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YAML2 is a fork of JS-YAML which adds functionality to get an abstract syntax tree out of a YAML string.

Find it on Github(https://github.com/apigee/yaml2)

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